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About Eoghan


A self taught artist having worked with water-colour, oil and pastel and now working with acrylic.

Married to Lucie, with two boys, Ruadhan and Jakub (Ruhi and Kubi) and living in Southern Czechia.

Graduated in 1988 as a Civil Engineer in Galway and worked in England, Ireland and as a development engineer and consultant in over 30 countries worldwide. 


Back surgery in 2011 prolonged my ability to travel for work but recurring problems in 2017 helped me to realise that I needed to change direction and follow a more manageable path in life. In her final days, my mother helped me to understand that this is the path for me. I dedicate this website and my art to her.

I paint in Sligo and Czech, inspired by the natural beauty of my surroundings.