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“With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?” , Oscar Wilde, written in Reading Gaol.

Commissions to order:

A painting of a scene or a person can be produced to order. Photographs from the client can be shared to support the completion of the work and these can be combined with the artists own reference sketches and photos. It is also possible to visit a location where feasible. Portraits can also be produced. 

A painting on a canvas (from 40cm x 60cm to 60cm x 90cm) may cost in the region of 500 Euro to 1,000 depending on the size and the time required. Larger sizes can also be produced. Please make contact by email in order to discuss  possible options and to get a quotation.


An original work of art is the perfect gift for a family event, an anniversary, a retirement gift or an award. It is something to be treasured and passed down through generations.  Although a painting can be produced within 7 days it is advisable to discuss a request weeks or months in advance to allow for preparation, time availability and delivery.  

Selected commissions:
Triptych idea for Jungle

Jungle Cafe Galway. The original painting was designed such that a triptych could be prepared such that a larger version could be reproduced on the wall of another restaurant.

Aurora resort Anguilla

A large 3m wide reproduction of my painting of Strandhill Golf Club was commissioned by Soho Myriad Art Consultants for their refurbishment of this exclusive resort.

The Great Dune, Strandhill

A large 3m wide reproduction of this painting was commissioned by Soho Myriad Consultants for the Aurora Golf Resort in Anguilla. This was arranged through high resolution photography and data transfer for printing on canvas.

Enniscrone, Evening swim

Commission prepared from my phot.os and sketches as well as photos provided

18th St Andrews

Commission for a gift prepared from a selection of photos.


A commission prepared from my sketches and photos showing the view from an abandoned cottage towards the clients house in the distance.

Your awful Murray!

I used to paint portraits in pastel. This painting of The Joker is in acrylic and was prepared from stills from the wonderful movie.

Jungle Cafe, Salthill

Commission of The Beach Break Cafe on the Prom. for the owner, prepared in Czech from my sketches and photos taken on location.

Lower Rosses

A commission which i completed from my own sketches and photos from the location which i combined with a photo of a lady for whom this was to be a gift from her family. Completed in Cz and posted to Ireland.

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