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Paintings and prints do not come with frames as standard. Original paintings are produced on stretched canvas. 

Giclee prints are produced on cotton canvas which is rolled and posted in tubes. They are varnished and ready to frame.

Framing Original Paintings:

A frame store can prepare a custom frame to suit your painting. The photos below show some examples of my artwork in different frames. These acrylic paintings have rich pigments and look well with strong frames whether dark traditional wooden or more modern white or cream frames.

Framing Giclee Prints:

Because the giclee prints are produced on the highest quality canvas and coated with two layers of UV protective varnish, they can be framed without any need for glazing. In fact they will look better without glazing. The canvas can either be stretched on a wooden frame or it can be fixed with a suitable PVA glue to a mount-board which can then be framed just as with an original acrylic or oil painting. When hung on a wall the quality of the canvas and the pigments, and the layers of colour and varnish will make it difficult to identify these as prints. 

Both original paintings and prints should last for many generations. Investing a little extra in a good quality frame will be appreciated by the owners for a lifetime.

Larger canvas 60 x 90cm

This painting would look well with a light or dark frame. The dark frame suits the traditional style but white frames are fashionable This painting is 90cm wide and the frame adds about 8cm to either side. This is dark wood with a fine bronze coloured inlay.

Giclee print glued to mountboard with light wooden double frame.

Original painting with light grey wood frame and cream wood trim. This is sometimes called a double frame.

Original acrylic. The heavy dark wood compliments the strong bright colours of the artwork. I like this type of frame which has a very simple and traditional look. But taste is subjective and it is okay to choose the frame to suit the room too!

The dark wooden frame and cream insert highlight the subtle colours in the painting and suggest a window into the scene. This has a narrow dark wood frame with a much wider matt or inlay. This looks like the typw of frame one may see with watercolour paintings which are generally glazed. But my paintings and prints do not need glazing and I assume both the frame and the matt are wood.

The traditional heavy frame matches the theme of the old course and also the very dark wood compliments the bright colours.

The light wooden frame works well with the dark evening seascape. This is a double frame but the colours are similar so it looks like one piece of wood.

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