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Original Paintings:

All original works have been painted using high quality acrylic paints (by Schminke) on stretched canvas supports. Acrylic paint is believed to be the most durable of all mediums and is less prone to cracking or yellowing than oil. Each painting has been coated with professional varnish which both protects the canvas from dirt and damage as well as resisting UV light. Most of the paintings have a 'satin' varnish coating which is a light gloss. In each case the varnish has been chosen by the artist to suit the painting.

The style involves building up the image through the application of many thin transparent layers. This produces a luminous or glowing quality due to the light being reflected back through the layers of pigments. For optimum impact a painting should be hung under a wall light. A neutral bulb (daylight - not warm yellow or cool blue) will produce the best effect. A bulb in the range of 4000k to 6500k is ideal.

Canvas dimensions are 40cm x 60cm unless otherwise specified.

Frames are not included in the price.